This is the WeatherSTEM Portal for Highlands County, Florida

These are the active WeatherSTEM sites for Highlands County, Florida:

Eagle Ranch Orange Groves
Current temperature: 75.6 °F
159 Womble Rd E, Venus, FL 33960, USA

Fred Wild Elementary School
Current temperature: 70.1 °F
3550 Youth Care Ln, Sebring, FL 33870, USA

Current temperature: 76.8 °F
97 Peeples Rd, Venus, FL 33960, USA

Lake Placid Elementary School
Current temperature: 76.3 °F
222-298 Green Dragon Dr, Lake Placid, FL 33852, USA

Marcia Grove Orange Groves
Current temperature: 75.9 °F
Unnamed Road, Lake Placid, FL 33852, USA

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